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Since 1976, RGS has served the community by nurturing self-expression, creativity and the visual arts. We ask your help us in this endeavor by subscribing to policies that will support RGS into the future.

- Tuition is due before classes start unless a payment plan has been arranged.

- Decisions to hold classes and workshops are made based on registration numbers; withdrawal is non-refundable except in emergency situations. 

- If a class needs to be be cancelled because of weather or low enrollment, we do our best to reschedule, but you will have the choice to be refunded. Infrequently, a class with low enrollment may be combined with another class.

- Individual make-ups should be scheduled directly with the instructor of the office; note that they cannot be carried over from one semester to the next.


Tuition Assistance:

Please contact us to ask about our inclusive tuition assistance program. We work to ensure that anyone who wishes to attend classes can, regardless of financial situation. Payment plans are also available. 


Vacation Days/Weeks + Snow Days:

RGS follows the WSESU calendar for snow days, which will be announced on our answering machine and radio cancellation sites.  There are generally no classes scheduled for the entire week of Thanksgiving, two weeks during the December holidays, and children + teen classes take the February and April vacations that WSESU does. For other holidays and in-service days, check with the RGS office. In all cases, please check with the teacher for specific information on your class.

If a class is listed as full, please email or call us at 257-1577 to check for waitlist availability.