October 2017

Marilyn Allen - Small Works

Opening on October 6, 2017


This exhibit of paintings, collagraphs and prints highlight certain bends in the road of Allen’s development as a painter. In between larger exhibits of her oil paintings, she has experimented with different media to explore a variety of forms, uses of color and also the power of black and white. Most of these pieces are in a smaller format.

Drawing has always been an important root of her painting practice. The drawing does not determine the composition of a piece, but it does offer an opportunity to explore the spiritual power of line without recourse to the sensory impact of color. This allows the composition to be internalized on a level that will be accessed in the process of painting.

Collagraphs add three dimensionality to the process of making the plate. The printing process can be done in both color and black and white, creating an opportunity to see the structure of the composition as it develops. The plate itself has layers of texture that vary with the amount of ink used in the printing process.

Watercolor, encaustics and oil paints side-by-side offer a unique opportunity for the viewer to choose the medium that resonates with her own aesthetic.

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