Gallery 34

A contemporary art gallery at 34 Main Street in Brattleboro, Vermont. A new show opens the first Friday of every month for Gallery Walk. Join us for an opening reception from 5:30 - 8:00 pm. Gallery 34 is open during River Gallery School's regular business hours, Monday - Friday from 9 - 5. If the door is locked, come through the school's main entrance next door at 32 Main Street and we'll bring you through. 

March: Seeking Asylum

Opening: Friday, March 1
5:30–7:30 pm

A group show of art focused on the theme of immigration, refugees and asylum seekers, in a range of styles and mediums.

Participating artists include Suzanne Flynt, Collin Leech, Evie Lovett, Helen Schmidt, Lori Schreiner, Susan Wilson and Debbie Wetzel.

The art show will raise funds for CASP; the Community Asylum Seekers Project. CASP is a local organization whose mission is to provide basic needs and a supportive community for those in the process of seeking asylum.There are a growing number of families in Southern Vermont who are being sponsored by CASP.

Susan Wilson Asylum Sekkers

Susan Wilson


Suzanne Flynt Asylum Seekers welcome immigrants

Suzanne Flint


Lori Schreiner Asylum seekers

Lori Schreiner


Helen Schmidt Asylum Seekers

Helen Schmidt


image to come.....

Evie Lovett


Debbie Wetzel Asylum Seekers

Debbie Wetzel


Collin Leech Asylum Seekers

Collin Leech


Price List

Suzanne L. Flynt

Cyanotype and printed cotton

Collin Leech


Evie Lovett



Helen Schmidt

Asylum Seekers I

Asylum Seekers II

Lori Schreiner

Little girl

Iraqi Family

Debbi Wetzel



Susan Wilson

$600 each without hands
$900 each with hands
$8200 full collection (11 pieces)


50% of all sales go to benefit CASP


February: Marcia Steckler

Opening: Friday, February 1st
5:30 - 7:30 pm

Marcia Steckler 2  Marcia Steckler Marcia Steckler palette painting

After retiring from a career spanning nearly three decades as a French teacher, Steckler began taking studio art classes at the River Gallery School where Ric Campman, among many inspiring instructors, helped her to see the world anew and to find extraordinary beauty in the commonplace. This poem emerged with her paintings of lumber trucks.

Mill Bound

The cortege moves from High to Main,
ponderously majestic,

cold metal torn from the groaning belly

of the land

cradling centuries untold that rose above

earth’s garment
of mingled mountain and leaf,
touching the sun and prying apart

deep granite
seams of life-giving water

where upland winds carried their scent along steep slopes,
bearing the snow that embraced their final arc toward earth,

enshrouding still
their journey
toward the river’s edge.
Skin upon skin, life upon life,
man in the middle,
the lumber truck breathes
slowly away
bearing a crescent cross.

Marcia S. Steckler
March 28, 2001




BehindSc Graphic


Opening Friday, January 4th from 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Usually working behind the scenes at River Gallery on school governance, finance, and fundraising, this month our Board of Trustees will show their creative sides. This exhibit will including basketry, jewelry, paintings, prints, woodwork, and more. Please join us for our opening reception for Gallery Walk and meet our board members, who are either working artists or have taken classes at the school.

Exhibiting Board Members:

Jackie Abrams
Bobbi Angell
George Bernegger
Carolyn DiNicola
Judy Freed
Randy Hesse
Sandy McPherson
Cara Meinke (Cara Wolff Jewelry)
William Penniman
Tami Purcell
Carol Ross
Marty Spencer

Jackie Abrams Ocean Parallax Jackie Abrams Rimmed with Red


By Jackie Abrams 

Bobbi Angell Climbing Monkshood Gallery34
by Bobbi Angell

CRoss wirecup  Carol Ross vesselspaintingCarol Ross Mugs.mantel

by Carol Ross

Cara Wolff  

Cara Wolff Jewelry by Cara Meinke

Carolyn DiNicola

By Corolyn DiNicola

Marcia Spencer

by Marcia Spencer