Outreach Instructors

Marilyn Allen began painting in 1995 with Ric Campman of the River Gallery School. Since then she has also studied with Vermont artists, Arrin Fancher and David Brewster, as well as Jim Peters at the Fine Arts Work Center. Her work is in private collections throughout New England and New York. Although her primary passions are painting and teaching, she has degrees in poetry and social work as well. All of these interests came together in a collaborative effort with Ric Campman in 2005, when together they created the outreach program that began with Kindle Farm classes at the school. With grants and contributions from local organizations, the outreach program has now expanded to include the Brattleboro Senior Center, The Gathering Place, Thompson House, and the AIDS Project and Menspace, among others. Visit Marilyn's Website

41Jess weitz headshotJess Weitz lives in Marlboro, Vermont. She runs the Art for Social Change program at RGS, as well as being a teaching faculty member. She grew up in Washington DC and studied studio art and photography at Bard College. Over the years, Jess has also studied Meditation, Reiki, and Quigong. She is most interested in art as a tool for inner transformation. She combines her spiritual explorations with her artistic practice in her own abstract artwork and in her RGS classes. She teaches classes in Meditation and Art, Doll Making, Sequencing and Word/Image. Visit Jess' website.

33Robyn Weisel Robyn Weisel is the founder of Ability Arts which is a program for adults with learning and physical differences. Ability Arts specializes in services and supports for individuals who benefit from aided and unaided forms of communication. This includes people who use and benefit from American Sign Language (ASL), aided forms of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) from speech generating devices, and individuals with complex communication needs (CCN) who may benefit from American Augmentative Language (AAL).