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Imagine getting something fun and unexpected in the mail! 

RGS announces a new fundraiser called ART GRAB.
Our community of art students and working artists have donated small works on paper in various mediums and various stages of development: drawings, paintings, prints, and collages (see examples at the bottom of the page). We'll send you a piece of original art for $25, including shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S.

For those who love our Off the Wall art lottery event, we hope this will tide you over until the Fall.
We are planning a delayed OTW in September or October with the option to attend in person or play remotely.

These works are randomly selected like a grab bag - you can specify representational or abstract if you like, but other than that, prepare to be surprised and delighted. The work is unframed, unmatted, not too big (11 x 14" max), and selected to make you smile.

Buy a ticket below for $25 (or 2 to one address for $45) by June 6th
and RGS will mail you ART on June 11th.

Ticket sales will support RGS's inclusive art programming.


Art Grab 2021 has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated!

There are a small amount of pieces still available for in person purchase and pickup only


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